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New Book!

DEATH ON THE SHELF, the fifth book in

the Haunted Library Mystery series is out!


Available in Hardcover and Ebook!


Death on the Shelf_RGB.jpeg
Praise for Checked Death On The Shelf:

"Red herrings abound as the pleasing heroine continues her crime-solving avocation."

—Kirkus Reviews


Available to Purchase!

CHECKED OUT FOR MURDER, the fourth book in

the Haunted Library Mystery series is out!


Available in Hardcover, Ebook, and Audio!


Praise for Checked Out for Murder:

"Plenty of red herrings and amusing characters make for a nice beach read.”

from Kirkus

Death Overdue by Allison Brook

Wonderful News!

DEATH OVERDUE was nominated for an Agatha award for Best Contemporary Novel!!


Checked Out for Murder

Death Overdue-A Haunted Library Mystery.

Death Overdue

Giving Up the ghost | Marilyn Levinson

Giving Up The Ghost​


Buried in the Stacks

A Murderer Among Us | Marilyn Levinson

A Murderer Among Us: A Twin Lakes Mystery, Book 1 

Murder a l Christie | Marilyn Levinson

Murder a la Christie:

The Golden Age of Mystery Book Club Mysteries 1

A--READ AND GONE jpeg.jpg

Read and Gone

Murderer In the Air | Marilyn Levinson

Murder in the Air: A Twin Lakes Mystery, Book 2

Murder the Tey Way | Marilyn Levinson

Murder the Tey Way:

The Golden Age of Mystery Book Club Mysteries 2

Young Adult
Rufus and Magic Run Amok | Marilyn Levinson

Rufus and Magic Run Amok

Gettig back to normal | Marilyn Levinson

Getting Back to Normal

And don't bring Jeremy | Marilyn Levinson

And Don't Bring Jeremy

No boys allowed | Marilyn Levinson

No Boys Allowed

The devil's pawn | Marilyn Levinson

The Devil's Pawn

Romantic Suspense
Romantic Suspense
dangerous relations | Marilyn Levinson

Dangerous Relations

From Marilyn:
"I was a bookworm from the moment I learned how to read. I devoured Nancy Drews, Judy Boltons, and Trixie Beldons – sometimes two books in one day. Was it any wonder I ended up writing mysteries?
Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina or a writer. I practiced my pirouettes and penned short stories. My family moved to Long Island, where I continued to write stories until I was discouraged by a high school English teacher.
Turned off to writing, I continued to read voraciously in college and concentrated on my major, Spanish. I studied in Mexico and Spain, intent on becoming fluent in the language. I taught high school Spanish, married my dentist husband, and we started a family. When our two sons were small, I found myself drawn back to writing fiction.
A writer is a writer forever. We may have more than our share of disappointments, but the rewards are many – knowing you bring joy to readers; sharing the camaraderie and support of your fellow scribes. Writing is a way of life, one I wouldn’t relinquish for anything."
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