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Picture of the bookcover for Giving Up the Ghost. Amazon:
Untreed Reads:
Read a wonderful review by
Marilyn Meredith:
Picture of the New book Dangerous Relations.

Wonderful news!

I’m writing a new series—the Library Ghost series—under
the name of Allison Brook. In Death Overdue, my sleuth,
Carrie Singleton, is about to leave Clover Ridge, the town
where she spent her childhood summers, when she’s
offered the position of head of programs and events at the
local library. She forgoes her purple hair and Goth outfits
and takes the job. She soon finds herself investigating two
murders with the assistance of one of the victims’ son
and the occasionally-helpful library ghost. Carrie has
to deal with a boss who doubts her capabilities, a hostile
colleague who thinks she should have gotten the job
and two possible love interests.

I had great fun writing this book and think you’ll enjoy reading it!

A new edition of Murder a la Christie, a King River Life’s
"Best of 2014” and on Book Town's 2014 Summer Mystery
Reading List, is now available in ebook and paperback formats at Amazon. Ebook also available at Barnes & Noble, ibooks, Kobo,
24 Symbols, Page Foundry, Scribd, & Tolino.

Here’s the wonderful new cover by Polly Iyer

picture of book

I’ve signed with agent Dawn Dawdle of the
Blue Ridge Literary Agency to represent my Haunted Library/ Library Events series, and writing the first book, Death Overdue.
My sleuth, 29-year-old Carrie Singleton, has just been named
Director of Programs and Events in a small Connecticut town. After Carrie’s first guest speaker, a former homicide detective, is murdered while discussing a cold case, Carrie investigates both murders as
she deals with a spiteful colleague, two romantic interests, and a sometimes helpful ghost. 

I’m also in the middle of a sequel to Giving Up the Ghost called
Return of the Ghost.

Picture of Devil's Pawn.

What they're saying about my new horror-suspense YA:

“The Devil’s Pawn is a definite 5-star read. Don’t miss it”
~Dorothy Bodoin, Author

“The story is told with such dexterity that the reader is caught up in the young hero's struggle to outdo and overcome an evil uncle”
~Tricia Lee, Author

“This is truly a 'Give me More' book”
~Martha A. Cleves, Book Town

the sequel to my award-winning children’s novel
RUFUS AND MAGIC RUN AMOK, will soon be out with
StarWalk Kids Media

Picture of book.

MURDER THE TEY WAY is up on Amazon! The e-book link is:

MURDER IN THE AIR is on Book Town’s Fall Reading List

I am happy to announce that both
are on Book Town's 2014 Summer Mystery Reading List:

awarded a Suspense Magazine Best Indie, is on
Book Town’s Summer Reading List of 2014!

Amazon: Untreed Reads:

Picture of book.

Untreed Reads has brought out a new edition of
Murder in the Air.
Amazon: Untreed Reads:

picture of book.

I blog on the first and third Monday of every month on the
Make Mine Mystery blog

My romantic short story, "I'm Getting Married" available at
The Untreed Reads Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Picture of No Boys Allowed digital book cover.
Picture of the book cover for Rufus and Magic Run Amok.Amazon:
Untreed Reads:

Picture of book Getting Back to Normal. Amazon:
Untreed Reads:

Read a wonderful
review by
Martha A. Cleves:

Picture of the book And Don't Bring Jeremy. New editions of No Boys Allowed and Rufus and Magic Run Amok will be out soon with Starwalk Kids Media

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