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Picture of the bookcover for Giving Up the Ghost. Amazon:
Untreed Reads:
Read a wonderful review by
Marilyn Meredith:
Picture of the New book Dangerous Relations.

a YA horror, coming September 28, 2015!

After fifteen-year-old Simon Porte's family is killed in an automobile crash, his father's brother, whom he's never met, brings Simon to
live with him and his wife in upstate New York. Simon doesn't trust
Uncle Raymond, and for good reason. Raymond is dying and using
his powers to take over Simon's body. Simon and his allies—his
dotty great-aunt Lucinda, his sister whom he finds living with
another relative, and a pair of odd twins—wage war against
the evil Raymond and his cronies.

Picture of Devil's Pawn.

I have two YAs coming out in the near future:
the sequel to my award-winning
RUFUS AND MAGIC RUN AMOK, with StarWalk Kids Media &
THE DEVIL’S PAWN, a YA horror, with Booktrope

Picture of book.

MURDER THE TEY WAY is up on Amazon! The e-book link is:

MURDER IN THE AIR is on Book Town’s Fall Reading List

I am happy to announce that both
are on Book Town's 2014 Summer Mystery Reading List:

awarded a Suspense Magazine Best Indie, is on
Book Town’s Summer Reading List of 2014!

Amazon: Untreed Reads:

Picture of book.

Untreed Reads has brought out a new edition of
Murder in the Air.
Amazon: Untreed Reads:

picture of book.

I’m happy to report that the word is out about Murder a la Christie!

Picture of the new book Murder a la Chrisite.

Here are some of the reviews:

"Charming and entertaining, this cleverly affectionate contemporary
twist on the traditional mystery will delight Christie fans!”
~ Hank Phillippi Ryan

"Marilyn Levinson presents a great plot that'll keep you guessing,
with multiple red herrings, and plot twists.” ~ Stephanie Jones

"If you, as I do, enjoy the tradition of Agatha Christie cozies,
you will enjoy "Murder a la Christie!”’ ~ J. Hanahan

"Marilyn Levinson's Murder a la Christie is a must for every mystery lover's bookshelf. It has all the trappings of a traditional English village mystery ... set on Long Island.” ~ T. S. Owen

“ …the PLOT keeps you wanting to read until you’ve figured out
who the heck done it!“ ~ Must Read Faster

"Murder a la Christie is a smart whodunit and delightful homage to
the grand dame of the genre from a contemporary mystery writer."
~ Book Club Librarian

"Murder a la Christie is a fast, fun, read for Christie fans.”
~ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard

"A well-written novel with intriguing characters, good dialogue, multiple victims and a light romance, Ms. Levinson’s book captured my
attention from the first page and never let go.”
~ Queen of All She Reads

And check out Sandra Murphy’s humorous review in Kings River Life:

Murder a la Christie now $2.99 as ebook:
Print version now $10.80:

I blog on the first and third Monday of every month on the
Make Mine Mystery blog

My romantic short story, "I'm Getting Married" available at
The Untreed Reads Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Picture of No Boys Allowed digital book cover.
Picture of the book cover for Rufus and Magic Run Amok.Amazon:
Untreed Reads:

Picture of book Getting Back to Normal. Amazon:
Untreed Reads:

Read a wonderful
review by
Martha A. Cleves:

Picture of the book And Don't Bring Jeremy. New editions of No Boys Allowed and Rufus and Magic Run Amok will be out soon with Starwalk Kids Media

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