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dangerous relations | Marilyn Levinson
Dangerous Relations

After Ardin Wesley's cousin Suziette is murdered, her widower, Brett, asks Ardin to help him adopt Suziette's little girl, whom he's grown to love. Trouble is, no one knows the identity of the child's natural father. Ardin decides she wants to adopt Leonie, and take her to home to Manhattan.
Although she is drawn to Brett, an abusive husband turned Ardin against love and marriage. Brett feels betrayed when he learns of her plans to adopt the child. When someone sets fire to Ardin's aunt's house, she barely escapes with her life. Despite their differences, Brett offers her shelter and together they work to create a secure home for the bereft little girl and to discover the identity of her father before someone else dies to protect his terrible secret.


Praise for Dangerous Relations:

I love the pace and tone of this drama as Ardin falls in love while on a hunt for the person responsible for the death of her cousin. As she gets closer to the truth, her life is threatened and a love that is waiting makes her stronger to survive her ordeal. What a fabulously written story that resonated with me as this quickly became a page turner that kept me in suspense and had me luxuriated in the blossoming romance throughout this engaging story.

Dru Love

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